Etisalat data recharge card. Etisalat UAE | Recharge Methods

Etisalat data recharge card. Recharge Methods

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Etisalat UAE | Prepaid Data Plans

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NB: I preferred to use cash for setting all this up so that I didn't have my credit card involved. You can always recharge online or on the phone with a card but it requires an Etisalat Egypt account which I couldn't set up anyway. At that point you should have a reasonable speed network at a reasonable cost. Turn on wireless hotspot on your iPhone OS4 or Android, or connect to your computer and create an Ad-Hoc network to share to your other devices. What I noticed is that the freezone sites worked well and nothing else worked at all. Possibly 64kbps is just too slow these days. You can find shortcuts on the Etisalat website in a hidden section at the bottom of this page.