Thomas crown affair sex. I Reenacted the Stairs Sex Scene From 'The Thomas Crown Affair'

Thomas crown affair sex. I Reenacted the Stairs Sex Scene From 'The Thomas Crown Affair'

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The Thomas Crown Affair () - Parents Guide: Sex & Nudity - IMDb

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August 10, Web posted at: p. The movie is a veritable motherload of Twinkie filling with no actual Twinkie surrounding it. Brosnan, of course, plays the billionaire, Thomas Crown a role that was originated by Steve McQueen back in Crown is one suave dude, and the script by Alan Trustman, Leslie Dixon, and Kurt Wimmer is not about to let you forget it. Everything ol' Tom does is managed with an immaculate sense of style and grace that would make smooth peanut butter envious. Crown's cool expression Brosnan always looks like the kind of guy who theoretically reads "Playboy" is matched only by his cool swagger, cool bank account, and cool underarms. If he needs a cell phone in the middle of a cow pasture, he's got one.