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Sri Lanka offers amazing yoga locations that you will not want to miss out while you are traveling. One would think that Sri Lanka is a tropical beauty which has abundance of offerings for couples looking to rekindle their love with a beach holiday on golden sandy beaches or in luxurious villas amidst greenery. As the travelers around the world are now seeking for places to practice yoga and meditation to have a holiday of rejuvenation Sri Lanka is a definite pick for your bucket list. You would be surprised by the amount of amazing yoga locations Sri Lanka can offer you. Nothing like practicing your favorite yoga postures at serene locations where you will be surrounded by lush green landscaping, lakes and paddy fields, listening to the sound of waterfalls, sounds of the jungle , or how about listening to the waves of the Indian ocean. The emerging wellness locations, beautiful Yoga shala's, luxury wellness retreats which offers you delicious healthy meals and pampering spa treatments should be on your top list of things to do in Sri Lanka if you are seeking a wellness holiday.