Disgusting games for youth groups. 5 Great Food Games For Youth Groups - Youth Workin' It

Disgusting games for youth groups. 8 Fun Youth Group Games

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Why We Don’t Do Gross Games in Youth Group – YouthMin

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I will even say that I have been the perpetrator of a few of these games in my early career. When we play gross games in youth group, there is no doubt lots of energy in the room. To me, this risk is far too great for a cheap laugh and a couple minutes of energy. Note: if you need some great game ideas, check out the Games section on our site. I want people in our church and our community to view our youth ministry as a safe place where students are accepted, loved, and treated with grace and kindness. When a student shows up to youth group and I make them eat cat food or live crickets or worms or whatever, the perception of loving and caring for students takes a solid kick in the teeth.